Moving Tips

Careful packing is one of the most important aspects of your move. Well packed household goods stand little chance of being damaged. Proper care and time spent packing will result in a much more favorable out come.

Crescent Movers means many things going on at once. Packing and organizing are among the trivial parts of moving yet when unpacking time comes, things inevitably get lost or misplaced. To avoid the situation where something is found only after weeks of taking things out of boxes, and in the interest of making your move as smooth as possible, here are some helpful tips:

1. Be ready with packing supplies

The obvious packing containers are boxes and luggage. You will also need markers and big color labels. You will need boxes -- lots of boxes. In case you’re wondering, yes, Crescent Movers does provide you with boxes if necessary.

2. Segregate

Separate personal and important items you will need to keep with you. For these, you'll want to use your own luggage and bags. Most of your other things will go into boxes that will be handled by your mover. You can also sort out things that you don't have a daily need to use and pack these ahead of your other belongings.

3. Things to keep with you

These will be valuable items like jewelry, antiques, and collections. You will also want to keep important papers like keys, passports, birth certificates, deeds, bank records, school records, contracts and such. Since it will take some time to get to most of your stuff in the boxes, it's a good idea to keep some personal items that you will likely need straight away. These will be things like toiletries, a few sets of clothing, sheets, a towel, an extra pair of shoes. Be prepared with a few boxes for personal belongings.

4. A little organization goes a long way

Keep your things together. Place all bedroom things in boxes and assign a color for that room, say red, then put the same red labels on them. Write the contents on the label or on the outside of the box to help you with unpacking or item hunting when the time comes. In your new house, continue the color coding scheme by placing a red label on the bedroom door so the movers can place the red-labeled boxes there.

5. Boxes are your friends

You will need boxes in a variety of sizes. Use of new boxes is strongly recommended. Boxes are not cheap. Collecting cartons from your local grocery or liquor store might be a money saving option. Cartons should be free of moisture, rips, tares, and uncrushed. Liquor boxes work well. Start gathering boxes early you can fold them up for easy storage.

You will rely on boxes to protect your belongings. Do not use boxes that are old or that have become structurally weak. Also, fill your boxes to their capacity. Weak boxes or half-empty ones that end up under other boxes are likely to get crushed - together with their contents! On the other hand, overfilled boxes can burst. The outside of boxes are all writing surfaces. Use them to your advantage by writing down critical information like FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP, or even just the general contents inside the box.

6. Choose your mover wisely

Moving is stressful enough. Do yourself a favor by getting the services of a reliable, professional mover. The moving company you choose will be your biggest helper in this demanding task. Make sure you choose wisely and employ a mover who can ensure your belongings arrive smoothly in your new home.

If you have not yet selected which Chicago moving company to use, Crescent Movers can help! Please take the time to fill in our online form to get a free consultation or call us at 773-777-1110 to speak with one of our experts right away.